Technicians analyzing a design-build projectThe design-build process provides customers with a single point of contact for all phases of a project, helping enhance efficiency and productivity.

ConCor Networks is an experienced communications contractor with the capabilities, engineering know-how, and experience needed to help deliver design-build projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

Benefits and Advantages of Design-Build:

  • Project cost control
  • Value engineering with owner input and real-time cost updates
  • Robust coordination of each project from design through completion.
  • Ability to facilitate accelerated schedules through concurrent design and construction activities
  • Minimization of delays and costs through extensive knowledge of local building codes
  • Complete single-source responsibility for design, installation, system operation, warranty work, and service

Adding Value at Every Project Phase

On every project, ConCor’s goal is to add value wherever possible through our design-build approach. We begin by performing a comprehensive review of the project, analyzing variables such as financial needs and requirements, scheduling demands, location and jobsite restrictions, and an assessment of the project’s architectural requirements. 

By getting involved in the initial phases of low-voltage and structured cabling systems design our team is able to help identify and resolve conflicts early in the process. As work continues, our experienced project managers and engineers collaborate closely with our clients to help ensure their projects are completed on time without sacrificing attention to detail.

Our Design-Build Services:

  • Conceptual Budget
  • Design Sequencing
  • Value Engineering
  • Material Purchasing
  • Project Coordination Meetings
  • Schedule Development
  • Preconstruction
  • Prefabrication