Maintenance Services

The ConCor Networks’ team provides specialized maintenance services for data centers that include facility maintenance services, preventive maintenance services, and electrical preventive maintenance. This comprehensive approach means your facility is in good hands 24/7. 

Facilities’ Low-voltage & Telecommunication Systems

emcortruck.jpgNot only can we provide you with a quality installation, but we can also help you maintain your systems’ operation through electrical preventive maintenance, keeping shut downs and down time to a minimum.

Let us work within your needs. Whether it is a college campus, auditorium, or healthcare low-voltage maintenance contract or work performed on a time and material basis, we will work with you to do what makes the most sense for your facility.

Our commercial low-voltage and telecommunication experience covers the entire spectrum of systems and facilities. Whether it's an entire building, several smaller buildings, or set preventative maintenance, we can help your facilities low-voltage, telecom, structured cabling, CCTV, CATV, security, and audio-visual systems operate more efficiently.

Contact us today for more information about our preventive maintenance services and maintenance services for data centers.