Service and Maintenance

Technician providing preventive maintenance servicesRegular preventive maintenance and rapid resolution of unexpected service needs are both critical to the success of your communications network. ConCor Networks can help you plan preventive programs and handle unforeseen needs to help you make the most of your capital investment. 

Preserving Your Investment

Successful preventive maintenance programs help minimize overall operating costs and reduce the disruptions caused by emergency repairs or the need to replace equipment after it is out of service. ConCor works with clients to develop programs specific to each facility’s needs and budget demands.

We aim to match your facility goals and outcomes with our services to develop maintenance solutions that will encourage business success while helping reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and minimize disruptions.

There When You Need Us

Even the most thorough preventive maintenance plan doesn’t account for every service your network requires—from equipment malfunctions to unplanned expansions.

So, when an unexpected need arises that isn’t part of your comprehensive plan—like adding an outlet or retrofitting a small area or office space—we are ready with a solution.

We employ a specialized team of technicians and maintain a robust fleet of service vehicles to respond quickly. 

Our Maintenance and Service Solutions:

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic services
  • Move, add, or change services
  • Network services for low-voltage and tele/data systems
  • Equipment testing
  • Parking lot and exterior building maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency response